Ensure your checkweighers are working at optimum performance levels

Maintain the performance and reliability of your Yamato checkweighers with a regular service contract.

  • Calibrate and change parts
  • Ensure reliability with genuine replacement parts
  • Replace faulty actuators and worn belts
  • Update software
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards

Our service contracts give you the peace of mind of knowing that an expert engineer is on call year-round to deal with any issues that you may experience with your Yamato weighing equipment.

Checkweigher Servicing

Are your checkweighers are running efficiently?

An annual service visit will keep your equipment running smoothly and reduce the risk of downtime.

Our routine service contract for checkweighers has been designed to provide you with the opportunity to maintain the performance and reliability of your weighing machines – reducing the risk of failure.

We offer two levels of service contract: service inspection or full service

We also offer individual contracts to suit your specific requirements. Please get in touch to find out more.