Data Monitoring Solutions

Reduce waste and improve your efficiency

  • Instant live data collection
  • Analyse your data by line, product, shift and site
  • Suite of analytical tools relevant and informative reporting
  • Audit records available from a wide range of production equipment
  • Easy to operate and monitor with minimal training
  • Accurate production monitoring and compliance to customers’ specifications
  • Instant email alerts during non-compliance
  • Giveaway costings from any equipment data
  • Product performance reports help improve productivity and drive down the cost of waste
  • OEE (Operating Equipment Efficiency)

Collect and view your data from a range of production equipment in real time without any additional input from line operators.


  • Web-based software enabling multi-site data collection
  • Powerful processing algorithm linked to an SQL-database
  • Live line status and giveaway screens can be viewed on multiple PCs within corporate networks
  • Remote control facility of weigher settings (uploaded and managed from central database)
  • Reject and QC data from metal detectors provided
  • Stores and archives report for compliance and audits

Additional features

  • 2-way communications to a wide range of equipment allowing remote management of machine settings and production libraries.
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and downtime recording with additional modules quickly and accurately identifies online efficiencies from reliability problems on individual items of equipment to material supply problems.
  • Downtime recorded automatically and accurately in real time
  • Keypads with reason codes to identify the cause of a stoppage
  • Interlock relay ensures operators record reason for downtime
  • Clear visualisation of plant performance by shift, line, machine, reason and date range

Industry Sectors

Data Recordings is the ideal solution for increasing productivity and efficiency in a wide range of industry sectors:

Do you want to enhance your productivity? Find out how to optimise your process efficiency and increase your ROI through real-time remote monitoring of your process and packing line’s operations.

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