X-ray machines

Experience the ultimate in fast, accurate inspection of packaged products

  • Enhanced quality control
  • Real time analysis indicating location of contaminants
  • Confirm count, mass, fill level and damage
  • HACCP food industry compliance assured
  • In-line production control and verification
  • Available to conform to standards from IP65 to IP69
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Fits existing conveyor systems
  • Detect and remove foreign bodies including metal, stone, glass and plastics
  • Multiple configurations for inspecting any product format
  • Detect bones in poultry and fish fillets
  • Reduce inspection costs and giveaways

Another layer of checks to your processing and packaging line

Coming in the processing line after metal detection and checkweighing, an X-Ray machine provides an additional deep visual check in real time for foreign bodies in your packaged products and automated rejection.

You must appoint a Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) to ensure you comply with ionising radiations regulations.  We can train your appointed RPS. You will also need to engage an external independent Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) to support your supervisor. Yamato can recommend RPAs.

The combination of our checkweighers and metal detectors with an X-Ray system are flexible and are suitable for a variety of applications. X-ray technology delivers sensitive, fast and sophisticated detection.