Customer Care

Serving customers for over 100 years

Delivering outstanding customer experiences

At Yamato UK, we aim to provide outstanding experiences every time you contact our business. As a family-owned company, family values are an important aspect of the way we operate. Customer care comes first.

Every member of the Yamato team takes customer satisfaction very seriously. We continually pride ourselves on the quality of sales and service whilst we strive to deliver a level of support that delights our customers.

We are also committed to consistently meeting our customer’s requirements with high quality manufacturing solutions and service.

Find out how to get in touch with the right person for your needs below.

Raise an issue

Do you have a question or need our help with anything? We find that the quickest way is to contact your dedicated Regional Sales Representative.

Any other queries

If you feel that you are unable to resolve your concerns or issues with your Regional Sales Representative you can speak directly to our Customer Experience Manager who will follow our complaints handling process.