Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a multihead weigher work to average weight legislation?

Yes, all of the Yamato range of multihead weighers can be set up to run minimum or average weight systems.

2. Can a checkweigher work to average weight legislation?

Yes, there are several reject modes available on all of our checkweighers, including minimum and average weight.

3. How do I know which multihead weigher to use for my application?

There are a number of different multihead weighers suitable for a wide range of applications. If you can provide some basic information, such as: your product, its bulk density (measured in grams/litre), pack weights and speeds, our sales team will be able to advise you of the weighing options available.

4. Are Yamato multihead weighers and checkweighers waterproof?

Yes, our checkweighers and multihead weighers are waterproof up to IP67 standard depending on the specific model.

5. Is it possible to mix different products?

Yes, up to 8 different products on one weighing machine.

6. Can I add additional products or premium inserts to bags of products?

Yes, our multihead weighers are capable of accommodating premium inserts, such as salad dressing for salad bags, using ‘insert signal’ and ‘multi-dump’ functions during operational set up.

7. Can the weigh buckets be cleaned during auto operation?

Using the Auto Inhibit function, weigh buckets can be automatically inhibited when they are removed from the weighing machine.

8. Can I set the feeding device to start when auto operation is selected?

Yes, select ‘REQUEST INFEED SIGNAL ONLY’ during operational set up and your feeding device will start when auto operation is selected.

9. Do Yamato’s weighing machines supply operational data?

Yes, using YamatoStats online management systems, data acquisition for all of your Yamato weighing machines is simple.