Omega Frontier multihead weigher

Greater packaging flexibility and waste reduction through wider product window

  • Maximise product output
  • Enhance packaging versatility
  • Reduce packaging waste
  • Reduce product waste
  • Achieve high accuracy combinations in multiple groups of products
  • Benefit from a lower total cost of ownership

The Omega Frontier is designed to maximise packaging machine capability by utilising a unique discharge system.


  • Seven variations
  • Up to 32 weigh heads
  • Speeds of up to 600wpm (O-0132F model)
  • Up to 6 discharge points

Additional features

  • Independent discharge channels
  • Bottom based handling device
  • Simultaneous combination
  • Multipoint discharge
  • Divided weigher

Industry Applications

The Omega Frontier can fill tray lines, cup lines, HFFS, VFFS, rotary packing machines and other similar packaging applications across a range of industry applications.

If you’re not sure about the most suitable weighing solution for your business, our knowledgeable and friendly support team will be able to assist you and support you every step of the way.

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