Pasta and Pulses

Yamato is able to offer cost-effective multihead weighers for pasta to ensure you maintain a competitive edge in the industry. Our weighing machines are suitable for both short-cut dried pasta and fresh pasta as well as pulses, so we’re able to offer a complete weighing solution for a wide range of customers.

Features of Yamato weighing machinesmultihead weighers for pasta

  • Anti-stick coating for pasta sauces
  • Gentle product handling
  • Automates manual tasks
  • Leak-proof
  • Noise reduction
  • Complete line integration
  • Dosing control

Benefits of Yamato weighing machines

  • Reduced risk of damage to products and machinery
  • Reduced waste and spillage
  • Enhanced overall productivity
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Value for money

We have specialised multihead weighers for pasta applications and they come highly recommended by our existing customers. For further information about our pasta weighing machines, please call our support team on 0113 322 1546, or email, where our advisor will be able to recommend the most suitable weighing machine for your requirements.