Yamato’s leading multihead weighers and checkweighers are ideal in the confectionery industry, due to advanced technology that accommodates chocolate and sticky sweets. Working alongside our existing customers, we’ve gained a firm understanding of what is expected from multihead weighers in the confectionery industry.

The multihead weighers can accommodate rapid changes in product types without compromising on speed or accuracy. Yamato’s multihead weighers for confectionery feature a special anti-stick coating that allows soft and sticky products to be weighed quickly and accurately without damage. They deliver flexibility, efficiency, and faster weighing speeds to improve productivity.

Features of Yamato multihead weighers

  • Multihead weighers for confectioneryDelicate handling
  • Optimum speeds
  • Weight, portion and quantity control
  • Caters for specific product requirements, such as upright packaging
  • Accurate mixed configurations and even pack distribution
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Anti-stick surface coating

Benefits of Yamato multihead weighers

  • Dust reduction
  • Excellent cost control
  • Reduced product waste
  • No adhesion to machine surfaces
  • Flexibility in packaging choices
  • Improved accuracy
  • Increased productivity
  • Easy to clean and hygienic (IP67)

We have a range of multihead weighers for confectionery products. For more information, please call Yamato’s dedicated and knowledgeable support team 0113 322 1546 or email