Tabletop Dataweigh (TDW)

The Tabletop Dataweigh (TDW) multihead weigher is designed to improve productivity and reduce waste through pre-determined unit weight limits, including the removal of irregular sized items.

Yamato is able to offer additional components for a custom-built solution, including internal heaters, custom trays for specific applications, memory cards, and secondary scales.

Features of the Tabletop Dataweigh

Tabletop Datawigh Multihead Weigher

  • Stainless steel construction for enhanced hygiene
  • IP65 waterproof enclosure
  • Bright fluorescent tube weight display
  • LCD auxiliary display
  • High speed
  • High accuracy
  • Weighing data and statistics
  • Fixed quantity combinations
  • Fixed weight combinations
  • Multiple functions
  • Priority scale operation
  • Removable and fully washable weigh pans
  • Large LED selection lamps

Weighing applications

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