Sigma F1 Frontier

The Sigma F1 Frontier multihead weigher signifies ground breaking technology with its improved accuracy and speed using a minimum number of buckets. Yamato’s Simultaneous combination capability offers a cost-effective weighing solution for mixing your products, while reducing your costs and improving productivity.

The Sigma F1 Frontier multihead weigher is capable of speeds of 210wpm with the aid of a maximised sealing clearance. Our Bottom Based Handling (BBH) function reduces the risk of sealing failure by producing a distinct discharge of products.

Features of the Sigma F1 Frontier

  • Reduces packaging waste
  • Supports environmental values
  • Increases productivity
  • Stainless steel construction for enhanced hygiene
  • High speed
  • Optimum performance
  • Maintains efficiency and productivity
  • A solid investment

Technical details

The Sigma F1 Frontier is a flexible weighing machine and is available in 8 different model variations.

Overview of Yamato Sigma F1 Frontier machines

  • Up to 20 weigh heads
  • Weighs up to 3000g per pack
  • Speeds of up to 240wmp
  • Independent discharge channels
  • Multiple discharge gates
  • Single, 2-point or 3-point discharge patterns
  • Bottom Based Handling (BBH)
  • Suitable for a range of applications including fragile products

Weighing applications