Sigma F1 Compact

The Sigma F1 Compact multihead weigher has been designed with functionality in mind and can be integrated easily into an existing production line.

Available with a variety of weigh heads and discharge chutes, the Sigma F1 Compact multihead weigher is especially suitable for fragile product handling as the design of this multihead weigher has reduced drop heights and chute lengths to minimise product fall distance.

Yamato’s Sigma F1 Compact multihead weighers have been developed to offer optimum weighing accuracy for small target weights without compromising on speed. It has the option of single or twin bag makers and also benefits from precision mixing for up to 8 products and 6 mixing patterns, offering increased flexibility.

Technical details

The Sigma F1 Compact multihead weigher is available in 3 different variations to suit your requirements. You can view the available machines by viewing the Sigma F1 Compact model variations chart.

Overview of the Sigma F1 Compact machines

  • Up to 24 weigh heads
  • Maximum weight up to 500g or 1000ml per pack
  • Speeds of up to 300wpm
  • Small, compact design for existing line integration
  • Precision mixing for 16 or 24 heads memory
  • Single or twin bag makers available

Weighing applications