Dataweigh Sigma Series

With the Sigma F1 series, Yamato is creating the future of multihead weighers.

The Sigma F1 series multihead weighers benefit from Bottom Based Handling (BBH), which uses independent discharge channels and multiple discharge gates to reduce product waste and minimise the risk of sealing failure.

Yamato offers four exceptional Sigma F1 series multihead weighers to suit your specific requirements:

  1. Sigma F1 Frontier

    The Sigma F1 Frontier is a cost-effective multihead weigher for your company that benefits from combining ground breaking technology with improved combination accuracy and speed. The Sigma F1 Frontier range is available in 8 different variations and is suitable for a wide range of weighing applications including fragile products such as crisps.

  1. Sigma F1 Plus

    A result of the continuous evolution of Yamato multihead weighers, the Sigma F1 Plus boasts a powerful central processing unit, offering 10% higher operational speeds and accuracy. It is particularly suitable for IQF/frozen products and is available in 21 different variations.

  1. Sigma F1 Compact

    The Sigma F1 Compact range is designed to be space-efficient and allows for simple integration into existing packaging and processing lines.

    It is able to weigh small target weights accurately and is suitable for fragile product handling including confectionery products. The Sigma F1 Compact is available in 10 different variations.

  1. Sigma Snack version

    We created the Sigma Snack version, a multihead weigher for crisps and snacks, to accommodate the unique requirements of our customers in the snacks industry, who demanded higher accuracy with fragile handling without damaging products or compromising on speed.

The Advanced Interactive Command Console (RCU-810-A) is available with all Sigma F1 series machines, and assists line operators in all aspects of the machine’s operational functions. With feedback control, counting software, barcode readers and data acquisition software, the AICC-SE is a truly innovative system that can offer superior in-house operational support for your Sigma F1 series weighing machine.

We are able to offer training spefic to the Sigma Series range of multihead weighers. For further information, please visit our Training and Demonstration area.

Weighing applications

Yamato Sigma F1 series multihead weighers are suitable for a wide range of industry applications, including: