Dataweigh Omega Series

Innovation in Motion

If you’re looking for an innovative weighing machine to increase your efficiency, then Yamato has the perfect automatic multihead weighing solution for you. The Dataweigh Omega series is a world-leading multihead weigher designed to satisfy five key areas with our Corporate Social Responsibility policy in mind:

We offer two types of multihead weighers within the Dataweigh Omega series, each with a wide number of variations to suit your requirements. They are capable of weighing volumes from 0.5L to 18L and have up to 32 weigh heads.

  1. Dataweigh Omega Series

    The Dataweigh Omega series multihead weigher is easy to operate, eco-friendly, easy to clean, waterproof and easy to maintain. We also offer the Dataweigh Omega Frontier for customers who need to maximise output.

  2. Dataweigh Omega Frontier

    The Dataweigh Omega Frontier multihead weigher has been designed to maximise packaging machine capability, using high speed multi-point discharge channels and dual chute structures.

Weighing applications

We’ve supported a wide variety of customers in different industries with the Dataweigh Omega series. Here are just some of the applications the Dataweigh Omega series has been used for.

In addition, we also offer our customers improved flexibility with mixed weighing applications; you can now mix up to eight different products on one multihead weigher. Our mixing software does all the hard work to make sure you get the best mix and accuracy for individual products, as well as the total package weight.

Our Dataweigh Omega series has many different model variations to cater for a wide range of customer needs, industries and requirements. Click the links below to view the complete Dataweigh Omega and Dataweigh Omega Frontier range of models.

Overview of Yamato Dataweigh Omega series machines

  • Maximum weighing range up to 5000g
  • Up to 4 discharge points
  • 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 28 or 32 discharge points
  • Speeds of up to 420wpm (O-0128S and O-0132M models)
  • A variety of machine dimensions to cater for a diverse range of space requirements