Dataweigh Alpha Plus Series

The Alpha Plus series of automatic multihead weighers are our most versatile and cost-effective weighing solution, boasting incredible performance levels and great value for money. 

All Alpha Plus series multihead weighers are:

  • Easy to use
  • Highly accurate
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to clean
  • Economical

The Alpha Plus series weighing machines combine simple design with outstanding performance. We have combined our proprietary Strain Gauge Load Cells with our patented Digital Filtering technology to virtually eliminate the influence of external vibrations – which means you’ll achieve the highest accuracy regardless of the type of products you are weighing and/or mixing.

The Alpha Plus multihead weighers are user friendly: the colour touch screen operator uses intuitive graphics to make operation, troubleshooting and recovery easy to learn and simple to use. The system benefits from self-diagnostics and all important system conditions, including voltages, input/output status, software versions and analogue/digital converter values can be monitored and diagnosed through the operator interface.

All of our Alpha Plus weighing machines are completely enclosed to provide superior hygiene standards. The linear feeder pans, buckets, collating chutes and funnels can be removed, without the need for tools, for easy cleaning.

Additionally, Yamato Scale offers training for the Alpha Plus series. Please see the Training and Demonstration area for further details.

Features of the Alpha Plus series

  • Springless buckets
  • Stepper motors
  • Digital Filter
  • Weigh sensor
  • Modular actuator units
  • Self-diagnostics

Benefits of the Alpha Plus Series

  • Maximum return on investment
  • Maximum uptime
  • Easy operation
  • Superior hygiene

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your multihead weigher, the self-diagnostics feature will help your operator locate the problem quickly, helping to reducing downtime. All aspects of the multihead weigher are monitored by the operator interface, meaning your operator doesn’t need to worry about problems occurring.  We offer comprehensive customer support as well as a spare parts service. If we can’t help you fix your multihead weigher over the telephone, we’ll send out an engineer on the next working day.

We understand that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to multihead weighers. We offer several Alpha Plus ranges and models which are able to cater for different applications and requirements, depending on the products you need to weigh:

  1. Alpha Plus Compact

If you are looking for a multihead weigher to improve your accuracy and speed but don’t need or want the size of the standard Alpha Plus machine, then we offer two compact multihead weighers.

ADW-310ACC has 10 weigh heads and is suitable for the weighing of fragile products. If you need additional weigh heads or a faster weighing speed, the ADW-314ACC with 14 weigh heads might be more suitable.

  1. Alpha Plus Waterproof

Our ADW-510AWCC model has 10 weigh heads and is suitable for weighing IQF/frozen products. If you’re looking for increased speed and accuracy, we can offer you the ADW-514AWCC model, which has 14 weigh heads. All Alpha Plus Waterproof models meet IP65 industry requirements.

  1. Alpha Plus Pasta Twist 

For our customers who handle dried pasta shapes, we’ve developed the ADW-514A multihead weigher, which has a maximum speed of 100wpm for 500g packs, and the ADW-514AT which has an increased maximum speed of 120wpm for 500g packs.

The ADW-514AT also benefits from wraparound twin collating chutes and twin-discharges, making it the ultimate multihead weigher for pasta, for improved accuracy and speed for all types of pasta.

  1. Alpha Plus Granular

Suitable for granular products and powders, the ADW-514ACC Granular offers a full multihead weighing solution for those who work with products including sugar, washing detergents and powdered coffee granules. It combines 14 weigh heads with a maximum 3,000ml combination volume to produce speeds up to 100wpm, to control free-flowing powders and granules with ease.

Weighing applications

The Alpha Plus multihead weigher is ideal for a wide range of applications, including: