Custom Built Solutions

Yamato are keen to provide weighing system solutions to our customers. This may be a custom built checkweigher and metal detection solution or a multihead weigher multi-point discharge system. Yamato business philosophy ‘Project Kikaku’ promotes development which goes one step beyond conventional supply.

Our checkweighers can be customised in the following ways:

  • G series checkweighers can be customised with leading brands of metal detection machines up to supermarket specification
  • A checkweighing solution can be developed as part of space-saving measures e.g. line height and length adapted to fit
  • Specialised, high speed, gentle handling systems can provide a custom method of rejecting goods

Our discharge and depositing systems can be customised in the following ways:

  • Specialised depositing solutions for multilane packing e.g. thermoformers, traylines and carton lines using Multi Point Depositing systems
  • Portable solutions can be customised that will move from one packing line to another
  • Specialised depositing solutions can be developed for high speed packaging with continuous motion depositors
  • Parts are available for different system formats
  • Washdown solutions are available
  • Easy machine set up with touch screen controls have been developed and can be adapted to suit the produce