Yamato Stats

Production Line Monitoring

Our YamatoStats Line Monitor is a real time data collection tool that records production information and provides analysis by line, product, shift and also site. Weight and yield information is gathered from checkweighers, without any input from the operator, to provide production and technical managers with a comprehensive suite of reports.

Key Features

  • Web-based software enabling multi-site data collection
  • Powerful processing algorithm linked to an SQL-database
  • Live line status and giveaway screens can be viewed on multiple PCs within corporate network
  • Remote control facility of weigher settings (uploaded and managed from central database)
  • Reject and QC data from metal detectors provided
  • Stores and archives report for compliance and audits

Benefits of YamatoStats / Real Time Data Collection

  • Instanteous live data collection
  • Suite of analytical tools relevant and informative reporting
  • Audit records from the metal detectors and a wide range of production data
  • Minimal training required to operate the monitor
  • Accurate production monitoring and compliance to customers’ specifications
  • Instant email alerts during non-compliance
  • Give-away costings from checkweigher data
  • Product performance reports help improve productivity and drive down the cost of waste

The complete solution

In addition, YamatoStats can offer 2-way communications to a wide range of equipment allowing remote management of machine settings and production libraries.

There is a further option of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and downtime recording with additional modules. This easy to use monitor is 100% accurate and quickly identifies online efficiencies from reliability problems on individual items of equipment to material supply problems.

Key Features and Benefits of OEE

  • Downtime recorded automatically and accurately in real time
  • Keypads with reason codes to identify the cause of a stoppage
  • Interlock relay ensures operators record reason for downtime
  • Clear visualisation of plant performance by shift, line, machine, reason and date range
  • Minimal training required for line operators

Discover how YamatoStats can improve the efficiency of your lines by calling 0113 322 1546 or email sales@yamatoscale.co.uk.