Dataweigh Alpha Advance Series

The state of the art Alpha series of automatic multihead weighers has advanced to the next level and raised the bar of the industry standards. Operations have advanced to a much simpler design, with improved toughness able to withstand greater loads. Accuracy has also advanced to an unmatched level, allowing for the Alpha Advance series to achieve impressive levels of high-speed weighing: 75wpm by 10-head model and 140wpm by 14-head model.

The Alpha Advance Series features:

  • High frequency load cell shortens the settle time of weighing cycle and realizes high-speed weighing.
  • Yamato AFC system (Auto feeder control system) enables the best feeding and the accuracy and the productivity has been greatly improved.
  • Improved feeder amplitude, enables to handle sticky or fragile products.

Ease of maintanence:

The modular Actuator Unit incorporates the high-performance Yamato Strain Gauge Load Cell with the stepper motor driven system.
This modular design makes troubleshooting and maintenance easy and quick.

  • Buckets and linear feeder pans can be removed and attached easily without tools.
  • Load cells can withstand up to 150kg load, and rigid buckets improves maintenance and cleaning works.

Food safety:

  • Large radius corners make it easy and quick to clean, reducing downtime. Hygienic springless buckets are available depending on usage.
  • The modular Actuator Units are fully covered by stainless steel plate for excellent sanitation.