Corporate responsibility

Yamato Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our management approach and our global strategy.

While financial growth and innovative product development are regarded as traditional measures of corporate success, for Yamato this is no longer sufficient to maintain our leading position in the market place or with our customers.

Increasingly our corporate goals will include social and environmentally responsible initiatives across all areas of our operations; with all employees sharing in our aim to be responsible citizens.

The support and training offered to our employees to ensure they deliver a first class service is one of the reasons that employee satisfaction is maintained at a high level.

Our CSR cornerstones are:

Operations and New product development

Environmental sustainability

Reduction in power consumption

Colleagues and Communities

Our people

Charity work

Safety and responsibility

Food safety

People safety

Our Sustainability Achievements

We strongly believe in the value of adopting sustainability initiatives because these principles drive innovation aswell as our processes. Delivering economic performance, while meeting societal goals, is a shared responsibility between Yamato and our clients; because we cannot meet the challenge of sustainable consumption alone. We must all ensure that what is consumed today does not exceed what the world can provide tomorrow. We continually strive to:

  • Use measures to combat our carbon footprint
  • Encourage a reduction in use of car / plane travel through video conferencing
  • Use recycling initiatives and key stats - Yamato Scale UK are a zero land fill site
  • Make annually chosen charitable donations