Sigma F1 Plus

The Yamato Sigma F1 Plus multihead weighers are the result of continuous innovation and evolution. The powerful central processing unit offers higher operational speeds and accuracy, and is suitable for IQF/frozen produce in particular.

With weighing speeds up to 300wpm, it’s easy to see why our customers love the flexibility of the Sigma F1 Plus multihead weigher.

The Sigma F1 Plus multihead weigher has a stainless steel design, making it easy to clean. All of the linear feeder pans are easy to remove and attach, and the Sigma F1 Plus also benefits from spring-free buckets which are incredibly robust and durable.

Yamato’s Sigma F1 Plus is fully compliant with IP65 standard and provides complete protection against internal electrical/electronic systems and harmful contaminants, such as dust.

Modular plug-in actuators and fully interchangeable buckets contribute to maximum uptime, minimising disruption to your productivity, and tool-free strip down means that maintenance of your multihead weigher is quick and easy.

Yamato Sigma F1 Plus multihead weigherFeatures of the Sigma F1 Plus

  • Incredibly hygienic
  • Durable
  • Maximum up-time
  • Adjustable open/close door profiles
  • Linear feeder control
  • Central load cell for ancillary feed system
  • Tool-free strip down

Technical Details

The Sigma F1 Plus range is available in 21 different variations to suit your needs across a range of applications.

Overview of Yamato Sigma F1 Plus machines

  • Up to 24 weigh heads
  • Single or twin machines available
  • Maximum weighing up to 5000g per pack, or 16000ml
  • Speeds of up to 300wpm
  • Up to 4 discharge points (420MV, 424MV and 524MV models)
  • A variety of dimensions to suit your space requirements

Weighing applications