Dataweigh Omega Frontier Series

The Yamato Dataweigh Omega Frontier is a multihead weigher offering greater packaging flexibility. With its dual chute structures and independent multi-point discharge channels, the Dataweigh Omega Frontier can cater for a wide range of weighing applications.

The Dataweigh Omega Frontier, based on the Dataweigh Omega series, was designed to maximise productivity. It allows for maximum production output through its high speed multi-point discharge channels, maximising productivity and minimising production waste through a wider product window.

Features of the Dataweigh Omega Frontier

  • Yamato Omega Frontier multihead weigherMaximum production output
  • Enhanced versatility of packaging
  • Environmental preservation through a reduction in packaging waste
  • Lower total cost of ownership

The Yamato Dataweigh Omega Frontier multihead weigher also benefits from using a Bottom Based Handling Device (BBHD) that reduces product waste by retaining products dropped into the discharge gates, ensuring that no loose product is within the seal zone of the bag maker on release. As a result, you will experience less product waste and greater accuracy.

Improved accuracy is one of the main benefits of the Dataweigh Omega Frontier multihead weigher. To achieve this, Yamato uses a unique Simultaneous combination which allows the products to be discharged to both inner and outer chutes to ensure high accuracy combinations in multiple groups of products.

Technical Information

There are twelve variations of the Dataweigh Omega Frontier, so please see our model variations chart for full specification details.

Overview of Yamato Dataweigh Omega Frontier machines

  • Weighing ranges up to 3,000g
  • 14, 20, 24, 28, or 32 weigh heads
  • Speeds of up to 600wpm (O-0132F model)
  • Up to 6 discharge points
  • A range of model dimensions to suit your space requirements

Weighing applications

The Omega Frontier multihead weighers have been used for a range of applications, including: