I-Series Checkweigher

The Yamato I-Series checkweigher benefits from a waterproof stainless steel structure and complies with IP67 (IP69optional) standard and HACCP, making it suitable for checkweighing frozen food, Snack, Confectionery, Salad as well as other industry applications. The robust design structure, tough tubular frame and new digital filter system minimises the effects of floor vibration.

Using an advanced interactive colour touch screen with 3D animation, the I-Series check weigher is able to assist the operator and monitor the systems using self-diagnosis. With a 3 step set up procedure the checkweigher is easily programmed and read for use within minutes.

Load cells for the I-Series checkweigher are designed for high speeds and high accuracy, optimising your performance levels and increasing your productivity. Tool-free removal of the conveyor belt makes maintenance and cleaning easy, whilst the reject bins are made of stainless steel for enhanced hygiene.

Yamato Scale offers training for the I-Series checkweigher - please see our Training and Demonstration area for further details.

I-Series Checkweigher

Features of the I-Series Checkweigher

  • 3D Interactive touch screen display
  • 300kg/3000N loadcell protection (patent pending)
  • All new digital loadcell
  • 3 Step set up  (Auto Tuning)
  • IP67 as standard
  • Open Frame Structure
  • Tool Free conveyor removal
  • Data acquisition
  • Network capabilities

Technical details


  • Checkweighing range up to 600g
  • IP67 compliant as standard
  • ± 0.15g accuracy
  • Speeds up to 480ppm


  • Checkweighing range up to 2000g
  • IP67 compliant as standard
  • ± 0.3g accuracy
  • Speeds up to 480ppm


  • Checkweighing range up to 3300g
  • IP67 compliant as standard
  • ± 0.5g accuracy
  • Speeds up to 190ppm


  • Checkweighing range up to 6000g
  • IP67 complian as standard
  • ± 0.5g accuracy
  • Speeds up to 130ppm

For more information about the Yamato I-Series Checkweighers, please contact our Sales team on 0113 322 1546 or use our enquiry form.