Case Packers

We pride ourselves on being able to offer new and affordable weighing solutions to our customers, and the FCP series of case packers meets manufacturer’s demands for a flexible, reliable case packing machine.

The FCP series is an incredibly flexible case packer designed to suit a wide range of case packing requirements. The ‘One Machine’ design ensures flexibility for future production and accommodates a wide range of packs including stand up pouches, canisters, trays and cartons.

The modular design of the FCP series case packer allows for reversible product and case in-feeds, and eliminates ‘left hand’ or ‘right hand’ decisions, making operation easier than ever. Product changeover is quick and easy due to the unique ‘no tools’ design. 

Features of Yamato case packers

  • Horizontal case packing capabilities
  • Flexibility to pack a variety of styles, shapes and sizes
  • Easy line changes
  • Multiple product ‘row and layer’ configurations and patterns
  • Controlled layer pack loadings
  • Dual, independent collator design
  • Stainless steel construction for enhanced hygiene
  • Yamato case packerMotion controller
  • Powerful Servo Motors

Benefits of Yamato case packers

  • High speed – up to 150pm with dual lane in-feed
  • Flexible to meet your case packing needs
  • Exceptional accuracy – ‘in the case every time’
  • Enhanced hygiene
  • Integrates easily with other Yamato weighing machines
  • Efficient but simple operations
  • Quick change-over time

Technical details


Suitable for dry case packing

  • Top loader style
  • Economical
  • Capable of packing trays, cartons and bottles
  • 1-22 units per row
  • 1-4 rows per layer
  • 1-10 layers per case
  • Up to 50 operator programmes
  • 0-40C operating temperatures
  • Net weight: 1,200kg

If you would like to know more about the FCP series case packer, please call our team on 0113 322 1546 or email