Dataweigh EPSILON Series

Mid-range multihead weighers for food processing

Yamato’s new mid-range EPSILON series multihead weighers will revolutionise the weighing and packaging of loose products. EPSILON mid-range multihead weighers food processing combine the best features of the incomparable SIGMA Series and our intelligent OMEGA series.

For full details of the new Dataweigh EPSILON multihead weigher contact our sales team.

Yamato is a proven leader in the food weighing industry providing high speed and high accuracy, easy operations, food safety and reliability.

The new Dataweigh EPSILON series delivers excellent performance at an affordable price.

The Dataweigh EPSILON can handle a wide range of products to fit your requirements without sacrificing speed or accuracy. 

Features and benefits

The features of the Dataweigh EPSILON mid-range multihead weighers are geared towards delivering affordable performance. These multihead weighers are easy to maintain, easy to use and easy to clean to significantly reduce downtime.

Easy maintenance

  • The modular actuator unit incorporates the high-performance Yamato strain gauge load cell and stepper motor drive system
  • Buckets and linear feeder pans can be removed and re-attached easily without tools
  • An auto-inhibit function allows the bucket to be removed without stopping the weigher

Easy operation

  • Easy to read 10.4-inch colour touch screen
  • User-friendly icons enable effortless operation
  • Up to 100 pre-set programs can be stored to memory
  • Smart phone and tablet connection available to check and operate the screen remotely

Hygienic and easy to clean

  • Load cells can withstand up to 150 kg load
  • IP 66 compliant - ideal for harsh environments
  • Large radius corners make it easy and quick to clean, reducing downtime

Network remote control and data acquisition

The new Dataweigh EPSILON series can be easily networked with other devices.

  • Wi Fi connectivity allows PC remote control by any web browser on any operating system
  • Feedback control between the checkweigher and the Dataweigh EPSILON multihead weigher delivers improved yield rates  
  • Real time data acquisition via Ethernet
  • Program updates and data acquisition are also possible via an integrated USB port

Weighing applications

Find out how the new Dataweigh EPSILON series multihead weighers can revolutionise your business. Contact our team on 0113 322 1546 or email for more information.