Operative training prevents breakdowns

Author: Dave Brown, After Sales Engineer | Published on Wednesday 11 July 2012 (9:28am)

Dave Brown, After Sales Engineer, talks about the benefits of new operator training

If you have recently purchased a multihead weigher or checkweigher machine, it is highly recommended to invest in the training of your operators to ensure they can effectively operate the Yamato Scale Dataweigh machines to maintain production speed and quality.

Improve your Return On Investment (ROI)

Knowing how to operate and look after the weighing equipment correctly is the first step in preventing faults from developing.  Fully trained operators are a valuable asset to a company as they will make fewer errors, prevent breakdowns, reduce waste and help reduce maintenance costs associated with any servicing and repairs.

Ultimately a trained operator requires less supervision, and their skills will help reduce downtime of your multihead weigher and keep your Yamato line operating.  Additional benefits of Yamato’s new operator training programme includes improved accuracy and efficiency to ensure there is a return on your investment.

Improve efficiency

Yamato’s training programmes include the basic operation of the weighing machines to changing the buckets on multihead weighers, diagnosing and repairing faults, and even optimising the cleaning and hygiene of the machinery; while accommodating the individual needs of your operators, engineers, supervisors and cleaners.

New operator training modules for multihead weighers include:

  • Principles of Operation
  • Tare and Rezero
  • Cleanout
  • Manual Operation
  • Automatic Operation
  • Control of Product Flow
  • Printer

For further information about our multihead weigher training programmes and the introductory modules available, please visit our Training and Demonstration Area page.

If you have a trained operator who is assigned new duties or leaves your organisation, a hand-over to the new operator may not be as in-depth as the instruction provided by one of our trainers. All too easily bad habits or short-cuts to procedures may have been adopted or introduced that may cause your weighing machine or checkweigher to underperform. In this instance, it is recommended to undertake Yamato Scale Dataweigh’s one-to-one ‘on-the-line’ training, which will allow the new operator to learn the basic skills and knowledge required before embarking on the full training course.

New operator training modules for checkweighers include:

  • Principles of Operation
  • Zero
  • Manual Operation
  • Automatic Operation
  • Checking for correct operation
  • Cleaning
  • Average alarm
  • Metal detector

To see the full list of introductory modules available for the checkweigher training programme, please visit our Training and Demonstration Area page.

On-site training facilities and demonstration area

Yamato Scale UK offers on-site training facilities at their offices in Leeds or trainers can come to your site to help your team get the most out of their training. The Yamato Scale training programmes are tailored to suit your specific requirements; not only are we able to offer new operator training, but we also offer more advanced training for senior operators and engineers. For more information or to book a training course, please contact us.