GEA Food Solutions 2013

Yamato and GEA Food Solutions Open House Event (March 2013)

Yamato Open House EventYamato Scale Dataweigh and GEA Food Solutions will be holding a  two-week  open house from the 4th - 11th March at Yamato’s headquarters in Leeds. With live demonstrations, the event will enable visitors to gain a detailed understanding of how weighing and bagging technology can improve efficiency and accuracy on packaging lines – with a special focus on fresh produce.

Attendees can see how Yamato’s Omega multihead weigher and GEA’s SmartPacker vertical packaging machine can improve the packaging process, with visitors also invited to bring along their own products, enabling them to watch dedicated demonstrations of them being packaged live.

The Omega multihead weigher is especially capable when handling fresh products, such as lettuce for example, due to its IP67 rating, hygienic design and enhanced main and linear feeders. GEA’s SmartPacker uses high-frequency ‘ultrasonic’ vibrations to bond two layers of film (OPP 30 micron) together at a molecular level, meaning that even if a single piece of product remains in the seal area, it remains airtight.

To book your place for this event please email