Calibration services for checkweighers

Author: Ian Aitchison, Head of Technical Operations | Published on Thursday 14 June 2012 (10:40am)

For the vast majority of our customers, Yamato Scale checkweighers provide the complete weighing solution. Installed at the end of the production line, checkweighers ensure that all weighed packs are at the correct weight as required by Trading Standards. Combining advanced hygiene with high accuracy and speed, Yamato Scale checkweighers provide exceptional operational performance and reliability.

To maintain good practice and ensure complete accuracy, checkweighers should be verified, known as calibration, against the weighing performance at least once a year. Calibration may be required more frequently depending on the production environment, or if the checkweigher has been moved. If the weight readings are unstable or inconsistent then this is usually a good sign that calibration is needed.

Yamato checkweigher

What is weighing calibration?

Weighing calibration is a service that adjusts the checkweigher so that it maintains a consistent and linear performance. More importantly, it’s an effective way of ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the weighing machine.

Benefits of checkweigher calibration

There are three main reasons for having checkweigher instruments calibrated:

  • To verify that readings from the checkweigher instruments are consistent with other measurements
  • To determine the accuracy of the readings
  • To establish the reliability of the checkweigher – i.e. that it can be trusted

For client auditing purposes or securing new retail customers Yamato Scale issues a calibration certificate which is UKAS accredited.

The calibration certificate confirms that the checkweigher fulfils its purpose of supporting traceable weight measurements. It also establishes the identity and credibility of the UKAS accredited calibrating company.

In addition, the calibration certificate uniquely identifies the checkweigher and its owner and records the measurements made at the time of the calibration. For UKAS accredited calibration, all test weights are calibrated and certified by the Trading Standards Agency annually.

To arrange the calibration of your checkweighers and to ensure their continued outstanding performance, please complete the enquiry form or email

By Ian Aitchison, Head of Technical Operations